Drone / UAS Operation Policy

Drones are restricted at Sequim Valley Airport.

The FAA recently created new rules that pertain to all all drone operators:

Click here to view new FAA drone regulations

Click here for UAS Drone registration requirements and information

Drone Omega Quadcopter Site

Drone Information website (mydeardrone)

All drone operators must obtain prior permission from Sequim Valley Airport Management prior to any drone operations in the vicinity of the airport.

While we are excited about the new technology, delivery, photography, recreational and other applications that drones will provide, we also have concerns about a drone colliding with an aircraft. This could endanger human life in the air and on the ground.

We ask that drone pilots avoid flying within 2 miles of  the runway in the approach and departure corridors located east and west of the runway and stay below 300 feet above ground level south of the airport and airport traffic pattern.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please email us at: sequimairport@gmail.com